Richland Community College provides a student e-mail account for all students enrolled in credit courses at Richland. This account is created when you register for courses and remains active while you are enrolled in credit courses. All official communication from the College will be conducted through this e-mail account, so it is important that you activate the account and regularly check the e-mail.

This form will activate your Richland student account and provide access to the computing resources at Richland Community College. You will be notified of your NetID after you successfully complete this form.

Step 1 - Identification

When you registered for classes, you were provided a Student ID number. Enter that number here.

Step 2 - Verification

To keep someone else from accessing your account, you need to verify who you are.

Enter your birthday in mm/dd/yyyy format (Jan 19, 1989, would be entered as 01/19/1989) and the last four digits of your social security number. If you did not provide Richland with your social security number or your birthday, then you will need to see someone to activate your account.

Step 3 - Create Password

You may either enter your own password or have the system randomly assign one. System assigned passwords are designed to be pronounceable and you will be shown the password on the next screen. If you pick your own password, it must be at least six characters long and contain a mix of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and numbers. Choose one of the following methods.

or enter your own password

(case sensitive)

Step 4 - Activate Account

Click the Activate Account button to activate your account. If you are successful, then the next screen will show you what your NetID, e-mail address, and password (if you had the computer assign one) are. If you can not activate your account, then contact the Student Tech Support Desk.