by bhemenwa

Macroeconomics 01, MWF 9am:

            Assign 15.1; Due Wednesday, April 6

            Assign 13.1; Due Wednesday, April 6


Macroeconomics 02, TTh 9:30am:

            Assign 15.1; Due Thursday, April 7

            Assign 13.1; Due Thursday, April 7


Macroeconomics 03, TTh 12:30pm:

            Assign 15.1; Due Thursday, April 7

            Assign 13.1; Due Thursday, April 7




Microeconomics 01, MWF 11am:

            Assign 17.1; Due Monday, April 4

            Assign 17.2; Due Monday, April 4

Unemployment Rate explained... in a sense

by bhemenwa

Here is the segment from a recent NBC Nightly News report on calculation of the Unemployment Rate.  They state that part-time workers are not counted as unemployed, my understanding is that this is not always the case (and sometimes are counted as such), regardless this should be helpful for Assign 15.1.


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Inside the Meltdown

by bhemenwa

Here is the start of a documentary from PBS Frontline about the credit meltdown we have been discussing in class.  It outlines how all the banks were tied together and the significance of having invested (purchased from banks) subprime mortgages.  If you follow the link below the video it will take you to the full episode. 

This may be helpful in preparing for the upcoming Midterm.


Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

Microeconomics Students

by bhemenwa

In addition to the Oligopoly Game Board, I've posted your next assignments.  Assignment 17.1 and 17.2 will be due on Monday.  I'd recommend starting these early and getting help if needed.  In particular 17.1 requires you to know a small amount about football.  I've tried to give you all the information you need but if you are lost I can help explain it to you... just stop by my office.

Taxes, Economic Growth and Decatur

by bhemenwa

Given the most recent news of Caterpillar's relocation considerations, here is a "60 Minutes" segment on US corporate tax policy and how it creates disincentive for US jobs.  They don't directly discuss Caterpillar, but the idea is the same.


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