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This page is a temporary measure until Canvas can bring order to the Guides in their new Community. Hopefully they will come up with a better solution in the way that Canvas often does.

This site was created by taking the old Canvas Guides and linking to the location in the new Community. This was facilitated by Canvas mostly using the same names for the pages. I've then gone through and attempted to find pages that didn't match exactly. If there is a page that is not hyperlinked, it is probably because Canvas had not ported the document when I created this system (April 23, 2015).

I do not plan on keeping this up to date, but if you find a mistake, please let me know at

I hope someone finds it beneficial until the new Canvas Community directly supplies a similar functionality.

Our institution is one that linked to the old Canvas Guides from our training materials. I will be pursuing some API calls that will download all the pages in a course and replace the old links with the new links. I do have all the information here in a database that I could share if someone else wanted a paired list of the old and new URLS.

If Canvas would like to start with what I have already done, please feel free.

James Jones, Professor of Mathematics, Richland Community College, Decatur, IL