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SCANS is an acronym for Secretaries’ Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills. It is a list of skills and competencies derived from a committee of 100 top business executives. The skills and competencies are what the committee feels are necessary for employees to function in a high technology job market.

IC1 Acquire and Evaluate Information
IC2 Organizes and Maintains Information
IC3 Interprets and Communicates Information
IC4 Uses Computers to Process Information

IPC2 Teaches Others
IPC4 Exercises Leadership
IPC5 Negotiates to Arrive at a Decision
IPC6 Works with Cultural Diversity

F1 Reading
F2 Writing
F3 Arithmetic
F5 Listening
F6 Speaking

PQ1 Responsibility
PQ2 Self-Esteem
PQ3 Social
PQ4 Self-Management
PQ5 Integrity/Honesty

RC1 Allocates Time
RC3 Allocates Material and Facility Resources

S2 Monitors and Corrects Performance
T1 Creative Thinking
T2 Decision Making
T3 Problem Solving
T5 Knowing How to Learn
T6 Reasoning

The following two paragraphs are from that committee’s report concerning reading and listening skills:


Locates, understands and interprets written information in prose and documents including manuals, graphs and schedules, to perform tasks; learns from text by determining the main idea or essential message; identifies relevant details facts and specifications; infers or locates the meaning of unknown or technical vocabulary and judges the accuracy, appropriateness, style and plausibility of reports, proposals or theories of other writers.


Receives, attends to, interprets and responds to verbal messages and other cues such as body language in ways that are appropriate to the purpose; for example, to comprehend, to learn, to critically evaluate, to appreciate or to support the speaker.

In addition to the course objectives, upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to demonstrate significant abilities in:



Interpersonal Skills




The student will develop SCANS competencies wherever applicable, and these competencies will be examined and acquired. Those competencies are: