The Laplace Transform

Note that there is not a good symbol in the equation editor for the Laplace transform. We would like the script L, which is unicode character 0x2112 and can be found under the Lucida Sans Unicode font, but it can't be accessed from the equation editor.

In Microsoft Word (at least in Office 2003), you can type 2112 and press Alt-X and it will insert the symbol for you and then you could proceed with the rest of the transform using the equation editor.

In Corel WordPerfect, there is a symbol under the Math/Scientific symbols. You can insert symbol 6,105 to get it.

If you have access to the "WP Math A" font, then you can insert the proper symbol into the equation editor. In the video that follows, choose WP Math A font instead of Lucida Calligraphy. And then, where it says to type capital L, hold down the Alt key and type 0139 on the numeric keypad, then let up off the Alt key.

That said, enjoy the video.

Laplace Transform