Hypothesis Testing for a Proportion

General Questions to Answer for Each Problem

  1. Write the original claim symbolically.
  2. Identify whether the original claim is the null or alternative hypothesis.
  3. Write the null and alternative hypotheses.
  4. Identify the test as left tail, right tail, or two tail.
  5. Identify the level of significance, alpha.
  6. Find the critical value(s) from the normal table.
  7. Define success.
  8. Identify the sample size, n.
  9. Identify the number of successes, x.
  10. Find the sample proportion, p-hat.
  11. Find the test statistic, p-value, and confidence interval using Minitab.
  12. Reach a decision. Reject H0 if ...
    1. The p-value is less than the significance level
    2. The test statistic falls in the critical region
    3. The confidence interval does not contain the claimed proportion
  13. Write a conclusion.
    1. There is enough evidence if your decision was to reject H0, otherwise, there is not enough evidence.
    2. You will reject the claim if the claim is the null hypothesis and support the claim if the claim is the alternative hypothesis.