Final Exam Study Guide: Part 1 - Technology

Your final exam is composed of two parts. The first part is to use Minitab to answer the questions. The second part will be more like what you have done on your other tests throughout the semester.

Both parts of the exam are open notebook. This may include your old tests, activities, technology projects, etc. You may not use your textbook. You may use minitab notes from the activities and tech projects on the first part of the exam. Since I asked you not to print these in the classroom to save paper, you may pull them up online and look at them during your test.

The following is not a question by question description of what you will need to know like most study guides. Part of this test is to see if you know where to go to do the things that are asked. Instead, this guide is designed to let you know which areas of Minitab you should be familiar with. I would certainly put this in your notebook to use as a reference during the exam.

File Menu

You do not need to print or save your results. You do not need to copy and paste into Word. Write all answers on the exam.

Calc Menu

Stats / Basic Statistics Menu

Stats / Regression Menu

Stats / ANOVA Menu

Stats / Tables Menu

Graph Menu

Type of Questions to Expect

The questions are not like questions on previous tests where you have 13 parts and you have to go through and answer each part. Instead a sample question might be ...

Based on a p-value of _______, there ( is / is not ) enough evidence to ( reject / support ) the claim that less than 30% of the people smoke.

From this question, you need to know to go to the 1 proportion test, put in a claimed proportion of 0.30, change the alternative to less than, and then run the test. For questions like this, the p-value will be worth 3 points, the ( is / is not ) worth 1, and the ( reject / support ) worth 1. This p-value is the only thing you can't guess at and get right half the time, so that's how I'll know you've done the technology part of it.

Another question might read ...

Which of the following graphs is a scatter plot of the weight (y) vs height (x)?

This is a matching problem with three choices, so you could take a wild guess and hope you get it right or you could go to graph / plot and make the graph and compare it to one that's there. You could guess, but you lose five points if you guess wrong.