Math 113 - Technology Project 7

Inferences When Variables are Related

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Follow the Minitab instructions under the technology exercises link on the website for information about how to do the problems

  1. Use the Internet delay data that you collected from technology project 6 to test for differences in the delay times. If you determine that there are differences, identify where the differences lie.
    1. Test the claim that there is no difference in the delay times of the different sites.
    2. Test the claim that there is no difference in the delay times of the different samples.
  2. Use the 2001 Hate Crime Data to see if there is the race (black, white) of the offender is related to the first offense (aggravated assault, simple assault, intimidation, destruction / vandalism).
  3. Use the color frequency data from Activity 6 to test the claim that M&M Peanut candies are distributed as claimed by M&M Mars. Be sure to find the p-value.
  4. Test the claim that there is a correlation in Illinois between the rate of front seat driver and passenger seatbelt usage and the total fatality rate.
    1. Before collecting the data and analyzing it, discuss the kind of relationship you think might exist between the two variables. The seatbelt usage rate is the percent of people in the front seat wearing their seatbelts and the fatality rate is the number of deaths per million of vehicle miles traveled.
    2. Gather the data and make a fitted line plot.
    3. Test for linear correlation. Check the residuals for normality.
    4. Give a regression model that will estimate the fatality rate based on the seatbelt usage rate.
    5. There was one point that appeared to be influential because of the low seatbelt usage. Remove this point and re-run the analysis. Which model is a better fit?