Statdisk Notes for Activity 11

The following examples assume the brands of paper towels are "bounty", "northern", "brawny", and "scott". Adjust the instructions to fit your data if necessary.

Entering the Data into Statdisk

  1. Label columns with the names of the brand of paper towels.
  2. Enter the diameters in the columns, each brand gets it's own column

Generating the One-Way Analysis of Variance (Question 3)

  1. Choose Analysis / One-Way Analysis of Variance
  2. Select columns 1 through 4 to use
  3. Click Evaluate

Use the results of the ANOVA table to answer questions 4 and 5.

Finding the Critical F value (Question 6)

Statdisk will give you the critical F value when you run the one-way ANOVA. However, you can also find it this way.

  1. Choose Analysis / Probability Distributions / F
  2. Enter the numerator df and the denominator df. These come from the ANOVA table.
  3. Enter the significance level α into the area to the right of the F value box.
  4. Click Evaluate.