James Jones - General Information

Mathematics Instructor
C223 - located in the Industrial Technology and Mathematics division.
875-7211, ext 490 (Richland's automated system)
875-7200,ext 490 (for those without a touch-tone phone)
Office Hours:
These are the times that I plan on being in my office. I am available other times, and am willing to help students as long as I don't already have another commitment.
         MON           TUE           WED           THU           FRI
     -----------   -----------   -----------   -----------   -----------
     12:00-12:50   12:00-12:50   12:00-12:50   12:00-12:50   12:00-12:50

Teaching Schedule:
I am in class during these times. All of my classes meet in S137. You might try to catch me before, after, or between classes if you can't find me in my office. I generally do not come back to my office between consecutive classes.
         Time          MON        TUE        WED        THU        FRI
     -----------     --------   --------   --------   --------   --------
      8:00- 8:50     Math 116   Math 116              Math 116   Math 116
      9:00- 9:50     Math 113   Math 113              Math 113   Math 113
     11:00-11:50     Math 098   Math 098              Math 098   Math 098
      1:00- 1:50     Math 221   Math 221              Math 221   Math 221
      2:00- 2:50     Math 116   Math 116              Math 116   Math 116

I graduated Richland Community College with an A.S. degree with a Mathematics concentration. I then went to Eastern Illinois University where I received a B.A. in Mathematics with the Teacher Certification option. I joined the R.C.C. staff immediately after receiving my B.A. as the Study Assistance Center Coordinator and Adjunct Mathematics Faculty. I held both jobs for three years and continued my education at Sangamon State University. I became a conditional full-time Mathematics Instructor in August 1992 pending the completion of my Master's degree. I received my M.A. in Mathematical Sciences from Sangamon State University in May 1993.
I am helping coordinate the Internet connection at Richland. Thanks go to Sandy Harmison and Paul Krekel for their great assistance in this monumental task.
I serve on several committees.
I run a three-line computer bulletin board system.
I am attending the Christmas Tree Road Baptist Church.
I perform statistical consulting to health-care organizations in Central and Southern Illinois.