Study Guide - Chapter 5

Math 116

  1. Sketch the graph of the rational function. Three parts.
  2. Write a rational function which exhibits the characteristics given.
  3. Write the partial fraction decomposition of the expressions. Two parts. Look at odd problems 1 - 29 in section 5.2*.
  4. Identify the conic section or degenerate case. Choose from: circle, ellipse, hyperbola, intersecting lines, line, no graph, parabola, parallel lines, and point. Each one will be used only once, and there are no duplicates.
  5. Find the equation for the specified conic section. Three parts, one parabola, one ellipse, and one hyperbola. Look at odd problems 13 - 17, 29 - 35, and 47 - 53 in section 5.4*.
  6. Sketch the graphs of the conic sections. Two parts. One is in standard form and the other is in general form.