Study Guide - Chapter 9

Math 116

Question 5 is worth 10 points per part. All other problems are worth 4 points per part.

Notes on Mathematical Induction problems

The two mathematical induction problems are directly from the textbook. This can not be said about problems on the test in general. Look at problems 15 - 25 (odd and even) in section 9.4.

Realize that I will be grading the work in the Mathematical Induction problems, not the final answer.

Here is the breakdown of points: 1 point each for writing the three correct steps down (Show n=1 is wrong). 1 point for showing true for n=1, 1 point for correctly writing what it means to assume true for n=k, 4 points for showing true for n=k+1, and 1 point for correctly writing the conclusion.

I will be taking off points for unbalanced or missing parentheses: "k + 1 ( k + 2)" is wrong if it should be "( k + 1 ) ( k + 2 )".