Study Guide - Chapter 11

Math 221

  1. Given two vectors and a point, find: The sum of the vectors, the norm of a vector, the dot product of the vectors, the cross product of the vectors, the angle between the vectors, the projection of one vector onto another, the set of parametric and symetric equations for the line passing through the point perpendicular to the two vectors. Eight parts.
  2. Find the distance between a point and plane, between two parallel planes, and between two skew lines. Three parts.*
  3. Convert an equation in rectangular form to an equation in cylindrical and spherical form. Two parts.*
  4. Sketch the graph of two surfaces. Two parts.*

* Problem is directly from chapter 11 review exercises in text.

There are fifteen parts, worth 4 points each, for a total of 60 points.

Take Home Exam

The remaining 40 points of the exam is take home. Work the following problems out of chapter 11 in your text book.

  1. 3.50
  2. 3.54
  3. 4.36
  4. 4.38
  5. 6.56
  6. 7.84
  7. review.28
  8. review.58