Math 122 - Exam 3 (7.7, 8.3, 9)

Work the following problems on separate pieces of paper. Highlight (box, circle, underline, etc) the answers. For the first five problems, once the integral is set up, then you may use technology to get the answer. Derive is available in the Open Computer Lab (C239) if you don't have your own Computer Algebra System.

  1. 7.6.52

  2. 8.3.34

  3. 9.1.62

  4. 9.1.64

  5. 9.1.66

  6. 9.8.39. Don't do the problem the way it is stated. Instead, model the shard by fitting a quadratic function to the data (the TI calculators can do this, or you can get a set of formulas from the College Algebra text). Include a plot of the data and your model on the same graph to show how accurate your model is (A parabola fits closely but not exactly all the points). Then find the volume of the shard using your model. Compare your answer to the answer in the back of the textbook.

  7. Technology Problem 9.12

  8. Technology Problem 9.16

  9. Technology Problem 9.18

  10. Technology Problem 9.20