Math 122: Exam 4 Study Guide (7.6, 9)

  1. Evaluate the indefinite integral (10 parts)
    1. Integration by parts
    2. Integration by parts
    3. Partial fractions
    4. Rational exponents (radicals with different indices)
    5. Trigonometric substitution (the substitution is given to you)
    6. Complete the square (or it could be partial fractions)
    7. Hyperbolic trig function
    8. Hyperbolic trig function
    9. Hyperbolic trig function
    10. Power of sine or cosine (use a half angle identity)
  2. Find a system of linear equations to find the partial fraction decomposition of a given rational function. Do not solve for A, B, ..., just set up the system necessary to solve for them.