Math 122 - Exam 6 (11.2 - 11.7)

  1. Classify the sequence as eventually increasing or eventually decreasing. 3 parts.
    1. Use the difference of two consecutive terms
    2. Use the ratio of two consecutive terms
    3. Use the first derivative test
  2. Find the sum of the infinite geometric series. 1 part.
  3. Classify each series as absolutely convergent, conditionally convergent, or divergent. Give a justification in each part. Your justification can be informal (it looks like a p-series with p > 1). 10 parts.
  4. Identify the convergence or divergence test best described. There is some statement made which is unique to one of the tests. Each test is only used once. Know the divergence test, p-series test, integral test, comparison test, ratio test, root test, limit comparison test, alternating series test, ratio test for absolute convergence (no, the answers aren't in that order). 8 parts.