Math 122 Study Guide: Exam 8 (13.1 - 13.5)

  1. Identify the curve by transforming to rectangular coordinates. Two parts.
  2. Express the equations in polar coordinates. Two parts.
  3. Find the area of the polar region described.
  4. Sketch the curve in polar coordinates and give its name. Six parts.
  5. Sketch the curve by eliminating the parameter t, and indicate the direction of increasing t. Three parts.
  6. Find the arc length of the curve in parametric form.
  7. Find the arc length of the curve in polar form.
  8. Find dy/dx for a parametric equation.
  9. Find the second derivative of y wrt x, without eliminating the parameter, for a specific value of the parameter.
  10. Find the slope of the tangent to the curve at the point with the given value of theta.