Math 116 - College Algebra

Calendar of Events
Schedule of exams. Study guides for exams can be found here.
Course Syllabus
Online version of course syllabus.
Homework Assignments
Per section listing of homework assignments.
TI-82 Usage Notes
Some instructions on using the TI-82 or TI-83 calculator.
Lecture Notes
Highlights from each section.
Videotapes are available for this course in the LRC. This correlates the videotape to the section from the book.
Homework Instructions
Instructions on the proper way of completing the homework. A complete section of homework is provided as an example.
Missed Exams
Guidelines the instructor follows when an exam must be missed.
Daily Calendar
Lecture Calendar. The calendar of events only includes major events. This is not in calendar format.
Complete Calendar
This is a complete calendar if calendar format, but requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

James Jones, Assistant Professor of Mathematics