James Jones

James Jones
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Richland Community College
One College Park
Decatur, IL 62521

email: james@richland.edu
phone: 217-875-7211, ext 490.

ICTCM Professional Development Short Course

In May, 2001, I had the priviledge of attending a course on "Using the Web in Mathematics" at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. These web pages are the result of that course.

The following links require a Javascript enabled browser with cascading style sheet support. MSIE 4+ and Netscape Navigator 4+ are two browsers that are known to work. Normally, I would design pages that work without Javascript, but using Javascript was one of the goals of the short course.
Web Links A short list of mathematical resources that are available online. Most of these are in the statistics area or lists to other resources.
The Dating Game A classroom activity designed to teach the concept of standard deviation. There are two versions, the one I normally give to my students and an online version.
Descriptive Statistics This page summarizes an entire chapter's worth of descriptive statistics, including measures of center, spread, and position. Definitions and formulas are given for each of the different statistics. You may enter your own data or real-time data fetched from the Internet.
The photos below are from some of the classroom activities we perform in our introduction to applied statistics course. We try to make learning fun and meaningful.
Data collection Empirical probabilities
Shooting craps Testing a hypothesis