Simulation Quiz

Would you like to know how well you've mastered the concepts of Descriptive Statistics? Then take this short online quiz to assess your understanding. It's not for a grade, so don't worry about choosing the wrong value. If you reload the document, you will get a slightly different version of the test.

  1. Which type of simulation would be appropriate to find the average Yahtzee score?
    Expected Value
  2. Which of the following describes a proper simulation?
    Generating random numbers between 2 and 12 to simulate the sum when two dice are rolled
    Rolling a die to simulate flipping a coin
    Rolling a die to simulate the day of the week someone was born on
  3. You wish to simulate random birthdates, you should generate random numbers between 1 and ...
  4. Which simulation would NOT be appropriate for a computer?
    Chutes & Ladders
    Duplicate birthdays

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