Simulation Quiz

Would you like to know how well you've mastered the concepts of Descriptive Statistics? Then take this short online quiz to assess your understanding. It's not for a grade, so don't worry about choosing the wrong value. If you reload the document, you will get a slightly different version of the test.

  1. Which type of simulation would be appropriate to find the probability of rolling a prime number on a die?
    Expected value
  2. Which of the following describes a proper simulation?
    Flipping a coin to simulate rolling a prime number on a die
    Generating random numbers between 2 and 12 to simulate the sum when two dice are rolled
    Generating random numbers between 70 and 130 to simulate normally distributed IQ scores
  3. You wish to simulate random birthdates, you should generate random numbers between 1 and ...
  4. Which simulation would NOT be appropriate for a computer?
    Chutes & Ladders
    Duplicate birthdays

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