ANOVA Assessment

The following assessments are broken down into five categories.

  1. Fundamentals of the Analysis of Variance
  2. Using the ANOVA in simple linear regression
  3. Using the ANOVA in multiple linear regression
  4. Conducting a one-way Analysis of Variance to compare means
  5. Conducting a two-way Analysis of Variance to compare means

There are two methods of assessment.

  1. Practice Quiz - This multiple choice quiz gives you access to all the questions, but unfortunately, the questions aren't clearly identified by section, so you don't know which of the five areas above you're answering a question about and sometimes that can make it difficult (especially in the areas of simple vs multiple regression).
  2. Challenge - This multiple choice game is set up in a fashion similiar to the Jeopardy game. You may have either one or two players and the categories are identified so you know what the question is about. Unfortunately, it only shows the first 5 questions for each category and you miss out on the other 22 questions.