Rationale for Project

The Analysis of Variance is a topic that is covered at the end of our Introduction to Applied Statistics course. It is a wonderful topic that ties together much of the entire semester, but by that point students are anxious to get out of the class and their appreciation of the ANOVA is much less than it could be. Further compounding the issue is the fact that our textbook does not have multiple regression or the one-way ANOVA in the printed version of the text. It does not cover the Two-Way ANOVA at all.

So there is definitely a need to provide instructional material to the students on the methods of ANOVA, otherwise all they have is their lecture notes and that's limiting the students to just one method of obtaining and comprehending the material.

This material is designed to be used at the end of the semester when the ANOVA methods are covered. These materials cover most of the material so they could be used in lieu of instruction, but the most appropriate method would be to supplement the regular lecture or provide students with another source of information that they can read since they don't have it in the text.

If a student is able to attend lectures and doesn't feel a need for the additional explanation, they could skip right to the different assessments: the Flash animations and the ANOVA table generator. Then, if they find out that their understanding is weak in certain areas, they could go back and visit the material.

At this point, all of this material would be in preparation for the exam and their technology projects. That is because the semester has already started and the syllabus has already spelled out how assessment will be performed. In future semesters, this could be incorporated into a much broader scheme encompassing other techniques of assessment.