SPSS: Data Editor: Toolbar

Here is the data editor toolbar.

The icons on the data editor toolbar, from left to right, are

Open an existing file. Used to bring data into data editor. Equivalent to "File / Open"
Save current file. Equivalent to "File / Save"
Print data. Equivalent to "File / Print"
Dialog Recall
Go through a list of previous procedures executed. Useful for repeating a procedure.
Undo the last change made. Redo the last undo. Undo is control-Z or "Edit / Undo".
Goto Chart
Beats me. You would think it would take you to the chart.
Goto Case ...
Jump to a specific case (row) in the data. Equivalent to "Data / Go to Case ..."
Give information about all of the variables. Equivalent to "Utilities / Variables"
Search for specific values. Highlight the cells to search. You may search by the value or the value label. Equivalent to control-F or "Edit / Find".
Insert Case
Insert a case (row) before the currently selected row. Equivalent to "Data / Insert Case".
Insert Variables
Insert a variable (column) before the currently selected column. Equivalent to "Data / Insert Variables".
Split File
Divide the file into categories for reporting. When reports are generated, results will be given for each portion. Useful for categorical data like the gender, so the male and female descriptives are separate. Use Select case if you want to limit which cases are selected. Equivalent to "Data / Split File".
Weight Cases
Weight the cases according to a variable. Useful for adjusting so data fits demographic information or for frequency distributions. Equivalent to "Data / Weight Cases"
Select Cases
Filter the data so that only certain cases are included. An example might be to include only those people over 18. Select cases will give one report for a subset of the data. Split file will give multiple reports for all of the data, broken into subsets. Equivalent to "Data / Select Cases".
Value Labels
Display value labels or values. Usually this is on so that the labels are shown. Equivalent to "View / Value Labels".
Use Sets
Define sets to group variables together. As an example, you may have variables dealing with demographics, drug use, television, and religion. You can group all of the variables dealing with drug use together using the "Utilities / Define Sets" command, and then SPSS that you only wish to use the drug use set by not using "AllVariables". When you go to select variables for analysis, only those variables in the sets you have in use will be available to select from. Then, instead of scrolling through 174 variables, you can scroll through just the 25 that deal with drug use. Equivalent to "Utilities / Use Sets".