Grocery Store Project - Phase 4 - Descriptive Statistics.

Describe the following for both the regular price and the sale price.

The output from SPSS should be cleaned up and annotated. After the entire group has checked the results, post the output file (.SPO extension) to WebBoard.

Selecting just one store

For a specific store, select cases:

Data / Select Cases

Check the "IF" box and then in the next window, put in "store = #" where # is the code for your store. 1= Cubs, 2 = Eagles, 3 = Krogers, 4 = Schnucks, 5 = WalMart

The steering committee can skip this step because they want to look at all the stores.

Five Number Summary, Mean, Standard Deviation, and Total

Note that this is for each product category.

For the five number summary and mean, standard deviation, and total for each product category, you must split the file.

Data / Split File

Compare Groups by Product Category (group)

Analyze / Descriptive Statistics / Frequencies

Move the regular price [regular] and price paid [price] variables to the Variable list.

Be sure to turn off the "Display frequency tables" option. You may want to go into "Statistics" first or you'll get a warning from SPSS.

Don't need to select the median because it is the 50th percentile which is given along with the 1st and 3rd quartiles.

Press Continue in the "Frequencies: Statistics" dialog box.

Press OK in the "Frequencies" dialog box.

Mean, Standard Deviation, and Total for all products in store

To get all the products, turn off the split file.

Data / Split File

Check the "Analyze all cases, do not create groups" box

Now repeat the Data / Descriptive Statistics / Frequencies that you did for the first part. SPSS will remember your settings from the last time, so you can just press OK on the "Frequencies" dialog box.

Simple Boxplots for each category

Graphs / Boxplot

Choose "Simple" boxplots (the default)

Click the "Define" button to set up the boxplot.

A boxplot can only have one variable at a time, so we will have to run the process twice. Once for "regular price" and once for "price paid".

The "Variable" will be for the vertical axis. The "Category Axis" will be the horizontal axis and will give one boxplot for each value in that variable.

Press "OK" to generate the boxplots.

Now repeat with the price paid [price] variable.

Histogram of all the data

Since this is for all of the data for the store, we do not want to split the file, but we still want the select cases on.

Graphs / Histogram

Only one variable can be done at a time, so we will have to make two histograms. Once with regular price and once with price paid.

You can add titles if you want to or just press "OK" to make the histogram. You can optionally throw in a normal curve if you want to see if your data is normally distributed.

Now repeat with the price paid.

Annotating Output

You should go through and add the store name and the name of the students in the group to the file. Clean up the output by removing output that isn't necessary and relabeling output that is given.

You may view the original SPSS output file in HTML or PDF format.

You may view the annotated SPSS output file in HTML or PDF format.