Math 113 - Classroom Activities

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Activity 1 - Bubbles

Who said Math isn't fun?
Date:January 19, 2001
Due:January 30, 2001
Handout:Activity 01 [PDF]
Data:HTML or PDF format.
Video:Running Length 6:28
[Streaming] [Download] - 180x120, 1.7 MB - Dial-up
[Streaming] [Download] - 320x240, 10.8 MB - Broadband

Activity 2 - The Dating Game

Guessing at standard deviations
Date:January 26, 2001
Due:January 26, 2001
Handout:Activity 02 [PDF]
Data:HTML or PDF format.
Video:Running Length 9:06
[Streaming] [Download] - 176x144, 2.3 MB - Dial-up
[Streaming] [Download] - 320x240, 15.2 MB - Broadband

Activity 3 - Starbursts

Finding probabilities
Date:February 2, 2001
Due:February 5, 2001
Handout:Activity 03 [PDF]
Data:HTML or PDF format.
Video:Running Length 5:25
[Streaming] [Download] - 160x120, 1.4 MB - Dial-up
[Streaming] [Download] - 320x240, 9.0 MB - Broadband
:"But that's like if I would flip a quarter ten times, I'm not going to get the same answer as you." [real audio]
Stephanie Patrick, explaining the concept of random events.

Activity 4 - Craps

TJ Kissing the dice
Date:February 6, 2001
Due:February 9, 2001
Handout:Activity 04 [PDF]
Data:HTML or PDF format.
Video:Running Length 6:40
[Streaming] [Download] - 160x120, 1.8 MB - Dial-up
[Streaming] [Download] - 320x240, 11.2 MB - Broadband

Activity 5 - Central Limit Theorem

Photo not available
Date:February 26, 2001
Due:March 1, 2001
Handout:Activity 05 [PDF]
Data:HTML or PDF format.

Activity 6 - M & M's

Date:March 23, 2001
Due:March 26, 2001
Handout:Activity 06 [PDF]
Data:HTML or PDF format.
Video:Running Length 5:26
[Streaming] [Download] - 160x120, 1.4 MB - Dial-up
[Streaming] [Download] - 320x240, 9.1 MB - Broadband

Activity 7 - Does Review Help?

Date:March 27, 2001
Due:March 29, 2001
Handout:Activity 07 [PDF]
Data:HTML or PDF format.

Activity 8 - Popcorn

Date:March 23, 2001
Due:April 6, 2001
Handout:Activity 08 [PDF]
Data:HTML or PDF format.

Activity 9 - Fair Dice?

Fair Dice
Date:April 16, 2001
Due:April 17, 2001
Handout:Activity 09 [PDF]
Data:HTML or PDF format.

Activity 10 - Finger Length

Finger Length
Date:April 26, 2001
Due:April 26, 2001
Handout:Activity 10 [PDF]
Data:HTML or PDF format.

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  1. In the blue bar at the top of the screen, click on "RealPlayer" right after the word Download:
  2. Underneath the first screen of information, there is a grey bar across the screen that says "RealPlayer 8 Basic - is our free player". Click on "RealPlayer 8 Basic".
  3. Enter your email address and choose the appropriate choices for your Country, Operating System, Language, and connection speed. Uncheck the "notify me of important news" ... unless you really like a lot of junk mail. And finally click on "Download FREE RealPlayer 8 Basic".
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  7. Save the file to your hard drive somewhere where you can find it and click "OK".
  8. After the download is complete, shut down your browser, run the setup program, and then come back into the browser.

Many thanks to Keith Ryan and Adrian Ridley for videotaping the activities.
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