Video Series: The High Stakes World of Statistics

In this course, we will be watching a videotaped series called "The High Stakes World of Statistics." This series is produced by The Standard Deviants and is ©1998 Cerebellum Corporation.

The series presents statistics in an entertaining, high energy, simple to understand method that will supplement and in some cases replace the instructor's lecture. The videotape series will be on reserve in the LRC under the instructor's name in case you miss a class or want to go back and watch the videos again.

Helpful Cards

The Standard Deviants website has copies of some resources available. These include outlines of the material on the tapes and formula cards. You may download these cards from their website. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the cards. As a warning, some of the formula cards don't display or print properly. This is okay as you have a pull-out formula sheet in your textbook and we won't be using formulas much anyway in this course.

Classroom Viewings

You will notice the calendar has events like "video 1a" or "video 3c" listed on it. The number corresponds to the three videos in the series and the letter following the number corresponds to the portion of that videotape, a is the first part, b is the second, c is the third. These do not always match up with the viewings that we will see in class, so use the following table to find the portions of the videotapes to watch if you want to watch them on your own.

Material Covered
(tied to outline from website)
1a 1 0:00 39:30 I. Statistical Problems: What is statistics?, Statistical Problems;
II. Organizing, Summarizing, and Displaying Data: Graphical Methods
1b 1 39:30 1:16:00 II. Organizing, Summarizing, and Displaying Data: Numerical Methods
2a 2 0:00 28:55 I. Probability - The Chance Something Will Happen: Experiments & Events, Probability of an Event
2b 2 28:55 1:06:00 II. Distributions: Random Variables, Probability Distributions for Discrete Random Variables
3a 3 0:00 21:30 I. Probability Distributions for Continuous Random Variables: Normal Probability Distribution, Uniform Distribution
3b 3 21:30 45:20 II. Sampling Distributions & Sampling: Sampling Distributions, Large Samples (estimators and confidence intervals)
3c 3 45:20 1:19:00 II. Sampling Distributions & Sampling: Large Samples (Hypothesis Testing), Small Samples

Starting and ending times are approximate.

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