Statdisk Notes for Activity 3

Creating the Worksheet

You will be entering your own information for this activity.

  1. Label a column as rolls
  2. Enter the number of rolls for each game into the worksheet.

Creating Marginal Distributions (Questions 2, 3, and 4)

Statdisk doesn't do this. You can count them by hand or use Minitab. Counting by hand is probably faster.

Summarizing the Data (Question 5)

  1. Choose Data / Display Descriptive
  2. Click Evaluate (column 1 should already be selected)

Histogram (Question 6)

  1. Choose Data / Histogram
  2. Click Plot

Describe the shape of the distribution. Use words like unimodal, bimodal, uniform, symmetric, skewed, triangular, bell-shaped, etc., as appropriate