Math 113 - Technology Exercises

Technology Exercises

Instructions are at the bottom of this page.

Chapter 2 - Individual

Chapter 3 - Individual

Chapter 4 - Individual

Chapter 5 - Individual

Chapter 6 - Group

Chapter 7 - Individual

Chapter 8 - Group

Chapter 9 - Individual

Chapter 10 - Group


Homework from the textbook is not assigned or collected in this course. Instead of assigning problems from the book, we have these problems called "technology exercises". Each chapter, except for chapter 1, has some problems associated with it. These problems will require you to use Minitab, Statdisk, Excel, or your calculator to complete.

The exercises are available on the web in Microsoft Word format. Click the right mouse button and choose "Save target as". Save the file to your disk.

Complete the problems and type your answers directly into the Word document. In some cases, you'll need to copy graphs from Minitab and paste them into Word.

Be sure to save your changes, and when you are done with the technology exercises for the chapter, email the document to the instructor at

Do NOT print out the exercises and hand write your answers.

There are some instructions available online for using the technology, other instructions will be given in class.

The material does not exactly follow chapter order. For example, both the chapter 7 and chapter 8 technology projects cover material from chapters 7 and 8; the difference is that some of the harder material is on chapter 8 and you get to work with one other person on that chapter.

Some of the projects are individual and some are group. For individual projects, you may work with other people for help with instructions, but each person should do the work and turn in a project. For the group projects, you may work with one other person and turn in one project for the group, not one project for each person.

Each chapter's technology exercises are worth 10 points and are due at the beginning of class on the day of the exam over that chapter. Late work will be accepted, but it will lose 20% of its value for each class period late.