Statdisk Instructions for Chapter 9 Technology Exercise

Correlation Between Exam 1 and Exam 4 (Question 1)

Entering the Data into Statdisk

  1. Create two columns, one called exam1 and one called exam4.
  2. Enter the data into the two columns

Summarize the Variables (part a)

  1. Choose Data / Descriptive Statistics
  2. Click Evaluate and copy down the relevant information for exam1
  3. Change the column to column 2
  4. Click Evaluate and copy down the relevant information for exam4

Scatterplot (part b)

Statdisk will make a scatterplot, but you can't copy and paste it into Word. Use Minitab instead.

Correlation Coefficient and P-value (parts e, f, and j)

  1. Choose Analysis / Correlation and Regression
  2. If you put exam1 in column 1 and exam4 in column 2, then all you need to do is hit Evaluate. Otherwise, choose the proper columns and then hit evaluate.

Regression Equation (part j)

If you said that you should use the equation given by the computer to make predictions, then use the regression equation given by Statdisk. Otherwise the regression equation is that the predicted exam4 value equals the mean of the exam4 variable.

When you write the regression equation, do not put Y = b0 + b1x. You need to replace the b0 and b1 by the values of the constants given below that. You should also replace the y with exam4 and the x with exam1.

M&M Colors (Question 2)

Finding the claimed proportions

  1. Go to the M&M website at
  2. Click on About M&Ms
  3. Choose Products
  4. Choose Peanut M&Ms
  5. The claimed percentages are given, but the web page is not accessible, so if you're color blind, have your partner look at the page and send a note to M&M Mars letting them know that their page isn't accessible.

Finding the test statistic, p-value, critical value (parts d, e, and f)

  1. Label the first two columns in as Observed and Claimed
  2. In the Observed column, enter the observed frequencies from Classroom Activity 7. Be sure you use the data for your section.
  3. In the Claimed column, enter the percents as claimed from M&Ms. You must enter them as proportions (decimals).
  4. Chose Analysis / Multinomial Experiment / Unequal Expected Frequencies
    1. The expected frequencies are entered as proportions
    2. The observed column is column 1
    3. The expected column is column 2
    4. Click Evaluate

The expected frequencies are not given to you like they are with Minitab, you'll need to find them by hand.