Statdisk Notes for Activity 4

Creating the Worksheet (Question 9)

You will be entering your own information for this activity.

  1. Label the column 1 as "average"
  2. Enter the individual averages collected from the class into the "average" column.

Summarizing the Data (Question 9)

  1. Choose Data / Descriptive Statistics
  2. Click Evaluate

Histogram (Question 10)

  1. Choose Data / Histogram
  2. Click Plot

Normal Probability Plot (Question 11)

  1. Choose Data / Normal Quantile Plot
  2. Click Plot

One Sample T Test (Question 13)

Statdisk requires that you have the summary statistics. You have this as the "observed values" for number 12 except for the sample size. In this case,l the sample size is not 40, but the number of sample means the class found.

  1. Choose Analysis / Hypothesis Testing / Mean One Sample
  2. The Claimed Mean is the value the mean is supposed to be from the Central Limit Theorem
  3. Enter the sample size, sample mean, and sample standard deviation from question 12.