Maxima Annotations

Annotating your Maxima file makes it easier to find answers and explain what you're doing. You generally do not have to add annotations to say "The answer is ..." when the last result is your answer.

The first four of these items can be found under the Cell menu in WxMaxima.

Title (Ctrl-2)

The title should be the first thing in the document. It should have the project name and the names of the partners in it.

Section (Ctrl-3)

A section cell is automatically numbered for you, starting with 1. This is a good choice to use for the major problems on the tech projects. However, since the tech projects may not be numbered, it's a good idea to include extra text after the number like the problem number or the heading from the tech project.

Subsection (Ctrl-4)

A subsection adds a decimal place to the section and then automatically increments each time you insert a new subsection. It is a good idea to add a label to the subsection as well to make it easier to identify problems.

Text (Ctrl-1)

Sometimes, you need to add comments to explain what you're doing or in places that don't fit well in a heading. This is where the Text cell comes in. It places it with a cyan background, but the text is normal sized while the rest of the annotations use a larger, bold font.


All four items above are outside of the mathematical content. Maxima has the ability to add comments within a math cell, but it really doesn't work very well, so I would avoid using it. It would be easier to insert a text cell before or after the section to explain what you're doing (if necessary). If you really want to use comments, it is a standard C-style comment /* comment goes here */