Math 122 - Textbook Information

Textbook Information from Syllabus

There is a textbook and an electronic homework package required for this course. The electronic package also includes an electronic version of the textbook and you do not have to buy a printed textbook if you want to go completely electronic.

The two items above can be bundled together for cost savings.

Additional Information / Clarification

Purchase of WebAssign (separately or bundled with a textbook) is required and is sufficient for the course. If you have the Enhanced WebAssign package for this course, you have the minimum.

Purchase of a printed textbook is optional. This is because WebAssign includes access to an online eBook, which includes all the text of the book and some additional resources. The class is taught in a room with computers, so you will be able to pull up your textbook on the computer during class (unless the network is down).

WebAssign is similar to a textbook rental, valid only during semesters enrolled in the Calculus sequence. You may use the same code for all three semesters of Calculus, but you will not have access while the semester is not in session.

If a student wants a permanent copy of book or access to the book between semesters, (s)he should buy a printed copy of the textbook.

Contact instructor at or if clarification is needed.

The bookstore supposedly has a price matching + 10% guarantee. If you find a better deal online (and you can if you look), you can print it out and take it to the bookstore and get the price match. I highly recommend this over paying full price.

Notes to Bookstore

Some students have indicated that information is difficult to find from the bookstore, so I'm including a copy here of what I gave them.

It is okay to purchase back used textbooks, a student may combine a used textbook with a new access code:

Option 1

ISBN: 978-1-133425-94-6

This bundle provides both a printed textbook (optional) and WebAssign access code (required) for this course.  The WebAssign access code is valid for all three semesters of Calculus at Richland, but only while the course is in session:

Option 2

ISBN: 978-0-538738-07-1

This provides a WebAssign access code (required) but not a printed textbook (optional).  This option is similar to a textbook rental where you only have access to WebAssign while the course is in session. This WebAssign access code is valid for all three semesters of Calculus at Richland.

Option 3

ISBN: 978-1-133-11228-0

This option provides a printed textbook (optional), but you must also obtain a WebAssign access code (required – see option 2). This is mainly for people buying a used textbook or for students who already have a WebAssign code but have decided they now want a printed textbook as well.