Final Exam - Study Guide

  1. Find the intersection and union of two sets.
  2. Solve an equation involving absolute value.
  3. Solve a story problem (coin) with one variable.
  4. Expand an expression.
  5. Factor an expression.
  6. Factor an expression.
  7. Solve an equation. Pay attention to those with x^3.
  8. Solve a geometry problem (Know Pythagorean theorem).
  9. Divide two rational expressions.
  10. Simplify a compound fraction.
  11. Solve a rational equation.
  12. Solve a work problem.
  13. Find the equation of a line passing through a point and having a given slope.
  14. Find the equation of a line passing through two points.
  15. Solve a variation problem.
  16. Simplify an expression involving rational exponents.
  17. Write a radical in simplified radical form.
  18. Solve a quadratic by completing the square.
  19. Graph a linear inequality.
  20. Graph a non-linear inequality.
  21. Solve a rational equation.
  22. Determine the equation that has the given solutions.
  23. Solve a quadratic equation.
  24. Solve a radical equation.
  25. Solve using substitution.
  26. Evaluate a 3x3 determinant.
  27. Solve a 2x2 system of equations using Cramer's Rule.
  28. State the domain and range of the given relation and indicate whether or not it is also a function.
  29. Evaluate a function at a specific value.
  30. Find the inverse of a function.
  31. Write the equation of a circle with given center and radius.
  32. Simplify a logarithm.
  33. Graph a conic section (ellipse or hyperbola).
  34. Complete the square and then give the center and radius of a circle.
  35. Graph a logarithmic and exponential curve on the same axes.
  36. Solve an exponential equation. Leave answers in terms of logs, do not use the calculator.
  37. Rewrite a single logarithm as the sum, difference, and multiples of simple logarithms.
  38. Rewrite the sum, difference, and multiples of simple logarithms as a single logarithm.
  39. Give the domain, range, and equation for a relation by looking at the graph. Concentrate on ellipses and hyperbolas.
  40. Find the vertex, x-intercept, y-intercept, and axis of symmetry for a parabola. Then sketch the parabola
The testing time will be broken up as follows.