Final II - Study Guide

  1. Sketch the graph of a rational function. Pay attention to horizontal and vertical asymptotes, x-intercepts, holes, multiplicity of factors (odd/even).
  2. Maximize a linear programming problem.
  3. Consider a fourth degree polynomial function.
  4. Find the partial fraction decomposition of a rational function.
  5. Write a polynomial function which matches the description given.
  6. Write a rational function which matches the description given.
  7. Write a conic section in standard form. No need to graph.
  8. Work a variation problem (emphasis on Hooke's law).
  9. Identify the conic section or degenerate case. Nine parts, no answer is duplicated. The possible answers are not listed.
  10. Work a problem involving a geometric series.
  11. Find the equation of a parabola passing through three points.
  12. Add two matrices.
  13. Multiply two matrices.
  14. Find the inverse of a matrix.
  15. Find the determinant of a matrix.
  16. Multiply a scalar and a matrix.
  17. Find the sum of an arithmetic sequence.
  18. Write a function which has the given zeros.
  19. Find the inverse of a function.
  20. Identify the rule, definition, or theorem stated or applicable. 8 parts. You should at least know ...
  21. Identify each statement as true or false. 8 parts. You should know at least ...
This exam is from 10:00 - 11:50 am on Monday. You may use your notebooks during this exam. Your notebooks may contain old exams, homework, and notes.

I strongly urge you to go through and organize your notebook before taking the exam. Examples of things you can do to improve your grade on the exam include ...