Chapter 7 - Study Guide

Unless noted otherwise, problems are exactly out of the chapter 7 review. The problems may be odd or even.

The major focus of the chapter is integration techniques. The first three problems on the exam are consistent with this theme. The technique shown below is the technique which first appeared to the instructor. They are not necessarily the only, nor the easiest way to work the problems. Look at problems 1 - 36 for the first 3 problems.

  1. Partial Fractions
  2. Trigonometric Substitution
  3. Integration by Parts
  4. Evaluate an integral using specific techniques. Look at problems 41 - 44.
  5. Evaluate three limits of indeterminate form. Look at problems 59 - 66.
  6. Evaluate two improper integrals. Look at problems 67 - 70.