Chapter 10 Study Guide

  1. Find the area of a region in polar coordinates. Be careful with the interval. Look at problems 61 - 68 in the review. A graph is given.
  2. Show the graphs of the given polar equations are orthogonal at the points of intersection. Look at problems 59 - 60 in the review. A graph is given.
  3. Find the perimeter of the curve represented by the polar equation given. Look at problems 69 - 70 in the review. A graph is given.
  4. Convert the rectangular equation to polar form. Look at problems 47 - 50 in the review.
  5. Convert the polar equation to rectangular form. Look at problems 39 - 46 in the review.
  6. Find a parametric representation of a conic section. Look at problems 13 - 14 in the review.
  7. Find dy/dx and all points of horizontal tangency. Eliminate the parameter. Sketch the curve. Look at problems 1 - 10 in the review.
  8. Find the polar equation of a line or conic. Look at problems 51 - 56 in the review.
  9. Sketch the graph of the polar equation. Look at problems 21 - 34 in the review.
All problems are straight from the book.