Study Guide - Final Part 1

  1. Find the area between two curves.
  2. Find the volume of rotation using disks or washers.
  3. Find the volume of rotation using cylindrical shells.
  4. Find the arclength of a curve.
  5. Find the area of the surface of revolution.
  6. Apply Hooke's Law to find the variable force.
  7. Find the volume of rotation using the First Theorem of Pappus.
  8. Find an antiderivative.
  9. Integrate using integration by parts.
  10. Evaluate an integral involving trigonometric functions.
  11. Perform trigonometric substitution
  12. Write the form of a partial fraction decomposition
  13. Evaluate a limit - concentrate on indeterminant forms and L'Hopital's Rule
  14. Evaluate an improper integral
  15. Simplify the ratio of two factorials
  16. Find the sum of an infinite geometric series
  17. Apply the Direct Comparison Test
  18. Find a Maclaurin polynomial
  19. Find the interval of convergence
  20. Find the derivative of a power series
  21. Find the equation of a conic section
  22. Describe a conic section using the discriminant
  23. Eliminate a parameter
  24. Find the derivative of a parametric curve
  25. Find the area bounded by a polar curve
  26. Find the polar equation of a conic section
All problems are directly from the book. There are a few cases where I have taken the problem in the book and simplified it. There are 26 problems worth 4 points each. This means that there is 104 possible points on the exam (4 bonus points).

Questions are multiple choice with four parts. Only one part is correct per question, and there are no "None of the Above" questions. Problems are either correct or incorrect. There is no partial credit.