Study Guide - Final III

  1. Find the equation of an ellipse in rectangular, parametric, and polar forms.
  2. Find a volume of revolution using the disks method.
  3. Find the surface area of revolution of a rectangular equation.
  4. Find the center of mass of a system of point masses.
  5. Find a Maclaurin series for a function defined by an integral.
  6. Find the work required in a variable force problem.
  7. Solve an application problem using partial fractions.
  8. Given a definition of a sequence, give the name of the sequence (famous one from 1st semester Calc), find the first three terms of the sequence, and find the limit of the sequence.
  9. Determine whether series converge or diverge. You do not need to indicate which test you used. Five parts.
  10. Determine the limits - use L'Hopital's Rule if necessary. Five parts.
  11. Evaluate the integrals. Look for a Gamma in here somewhere.
The breakdown on points, and instructions for completing the exam are as follows.
Answer any five (5) of the first eight (8) problems.
Answer problems 9 and 10.
Answer any eight (8) of the ten (10) integrals.