Study Guide - Final 1

Math 098

  1. Solve each equation for x. 11 parts. Linear, linear with fractions, absolute value, factored = 0, quadratic but factorable, extraction of roots, completing square, radical, rational, exponential, and logarithmic equations.
  2. Simplify each expression. 9 parts. Radical, radical division, complex (i to a power), FOIL, binomial squared, multiplication (binomial x trinomial), logarithm, properties of exponents, rational exponents.
  3. Factor completely. 5 parts. Trinomial, common factor, difference of two squares, negative exponents (quadratic form), perfect square trinomial.
  4. Solve the system of equations. 1 part. 2x2 system. Addition/Elimination is probably the easiest way, but substitution could be used.

There are 26 questions. Each worth 4 points. This means the total points possible will be 104, so there is a chance for 4 extra credit points.