Math 113: Study Guide - Chapters 7 - 8

Problems 1 - 8 are definition / description problems. Some answers may be repeated. Some answers are not used. You should know the definitions / descriptions of:

Problems 9 - 16 are fill in the blank. You should know:

Problems 16 and 17 are to use the normal and or student's t table to look up a probability-value when the test statistic is known (read page 374) and finding the critical value.

Problems 19 - 25 are true / false. Concentrate on:

Problems 26 and 27 are to work a hypothesis test program for a single population mean and proportion. The formulas for the test statistics are given on the test, you do need to know which one to use, though. These problems are directly from the book in chapter 7. You should write the original claim, the null and alternative hypotheses, the pertinent data from the problem. Look up the critical value in the book and calculate the test statistic using your calculator. Make a decision and write a conclusion. Draw a picture.

Problem 28 is to be done on Statdisk.

There is a technology component on the exam. This is designed to use the data analysis features of the spreadsheets. You will be provided the data and problems in a spreadsheet. Do the calculations and save them in the spreadsheet. Include an interpretation of the data, including what the data means and why you arrived at the decision you came up with. You should certainly include a reference to probability-value and whether you're using the one-tail or two-tail probability-value.

Problems 26, 27, 28, and the technology section may be worked with a partner.