Math 116: Study Guide - Chapter 6

  1. Write the order of the matrix
  2. Write the system of linear equations as an augmented matrix
  3. Solve the system of linear equations using Gauss Jordan elimination
  4. Solve the system of linear equations using Cramer's Rule
  5. Given two matrices A and B, find: A + B, 3A, AB, A squared, A inverse, the determinant of A. Also evaluate a function, f(A).
  6. Find the model of the parabola passing through three points. Write the general model and the system of linear equations which must be solved. Use the inverse capabilities of the calculator to find the solution and write the model.
  7. Find the area of a triangle with the given vertices.
  8. Use a determinant to find the equation of a line passing through the given points.
  9. True or False - 7 parts. You should definitely know about commutativity and division of both scalars and matrices. Also know equivalent forms of matrix operations applied to a product (that is, the inverse of a product and the determinant of a product)
  10. Some statements are given. You must decide if performing those operations will return an equivalent matrix. Four parts.
  11. Solve the matrix equations for X.