James Jones

E-Campus.com Individual Evaluation

Group Members: James Jones, Albert Einstein, Karl Pearson

James Jones - 10 points

I did everything for our group. I collected the data, typed it into SPSS, did all of the descriptive and inferential statistics and annotated them. I was at every meeting that we had, in fact, I was the first one to the meetings and the last one to leave. I took the leadership role in the group and kept things moving and made sure that we had them done well ahead of time. Sometimes I felt like I was doing too much of the work and not giving the other people in the group a chance to participate, but despite that one slight character flaw, I give myself the full 10 points.

Albert Einstein - 2 points

Albert didn't show up for any of the meetings. He didn't talk to any of the rest of us. In fact, he died before the project was completed, but that's no excuse for not helping more. He didn't give us his last name or phone number so we could contact him, we had to get his last name from the teacher. Actually, we thought his name was Bob Smith until Mr. Jones told us otherwise. Albert just really didn't do much of anything, but he did collect his share of the data, so I think he deserves 2 points out of the ten.

Karl Pearson - 8 points

Karl was a great help in understanding the statistical concepts behind the project. He was there to explain the concepts of p-value and significance when the rest of us just weren't getting it. He did, however, keep on going off on some unrelated topic called the correlation coefficient. Karl showed up to all of the meetings except for one, claimed he had a flat tire on the way home from feeding the children at the orphanage and couldn't make it. Karl collected his share of the data, although he let James type it in for him. Karl didn't take much initiative in the project, but he could be depended upon to do whatever was asked of him. He deserves 8 points out of the ten.

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