Minitab Notes for Activity 3

Testing a Claim About a Proportion (Question 5)

The instructor has claimed that 35% of the candies are strawberry flavored. Statisticians and statistical software usually works with proportions instead of percentages. Proportions are the decimal representation of a percentage, so 35% would be 0.35.

  1. Go to Stat / Basic Statistics / 1 Proportion
  2. Click on the Summarized data radio button
  3. Enter 40 for the number of trials
  4. Enter the number of strawberry (pink wrapper) candies that you found in your bag for the number of successes.
  5. Click on Options
    1. Enter 0.35 (whatever proportion you're testing) for the Test proportion. The default value is 0.5, but we're not testing that one-half of the candies are strawberry, so it's important to go in and change this.
    2. Click OK.
  6. Click OK

Note that the confidence interval will appear as ( #### , #### ) where there ####'s are the lower and upper limits of the interval. These are given as proportions (decimals) not percents. If you convert them to percents, be sure to write the % sign after them. If the computer says (0.3215,0.6521), then write it on your paper as 0.3215 < p < 0.6521 or 32.15% < p < 65.21%.

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