Known Problems with Statdisk

The following is a list of bugs that we have discovered in Statdisk. Where known, a list of work-arounds is given. The recommendation at this time is NOT to download the version from the website, but to use the version that came with your textbook. If you can't find the version that came with the textbook or you received a used book that didn't have the CD, let your instructor know.

For the classroom activities, we will be using Minitab. Statdisk is perhaps a little bit easier to use and certainly cheaper (free since you are using the textbook), but Minitab will perform when Statdisk won't. Unfortunately, you can't take Minitab home with you. You can download a 30 day demo of Minitab or rent it for 5 months for $26, 12 months for $50, or buy it for $100. Go to the Minitab site for more information.

Statdisk 8.1

Version 8.1 came on the CD that came with the book.

  1. The normal quantile-quantile plot (qq plot or normal probability plot) does not graph correctly with some versions. It sets the x-axis to be from 0 to 1000, not what the actual data is.
  2. The hypothesis test for two independent means displays eratically. The text is sometimes missing from the buttons on the right side. Click the bottom button and the text should show.
  3. The hypothesis test for two independent means will not print. A fix for the printing problem is to do a screen capture (hit Print Screen), switch to Word, paste the screen capture, and print from Word.

Statdisk 8.4

Version 8.4 is available as a download from the author's website.


  1. The Frequency Table Generator will not allow frequencies greater than 99. The window that appears tells you that your frequencies can't total more than 1000. This is extremely misleading because they don't. You just can't have any individual frequencies more than 99. There is no fix. This was not broken in Statdisk 8.1.
  2. The Frequency Table Generator setup will generate the numbers even if you hit cancel.


  1. The Frequency Table Generator complains that the "stars" [sic] must be at least as much as the ends if you get your limits or boundaries wrong or try to duplicate classes to get around the 99 frequency limit.
  2. The One Way Analysis of Variance evaluation screen has "bLower Deg Free". This should just be "Lower Deg Free" or better yet, "Denominator df"