Math 160 - Finite Mathematics

Calendar of Events
Schedule of exams. Study guides for exams can be found here.
Course Syllabus [PDF]
Online version of course syllabus.
Homework Assignments [PDF]
Per section listing of homework assignments.
Projects [PDF]
Group projects that require you to extend your understanding beyond the basic level of the textbook. There are worksheets available to help with project 2 and project 5.
Mathematical Notation [PDF only]
This series of assignments is to use a word processor to create a document containing formulas. Instructions on how to use the Equation Editor are available in PDF format.
Grade Sheet [PDF]
Keep track of your scores.
TI-82 Usage Notes
Some instructions on using the TI-82 or TI-83 calculator.
Complete Calendar
This is a complete calendar if calendar format, but requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.
Decision Theory
This is a handout on decision theory. Only expected value decision theory is covered in the text, so this is to supplement that.
Pivot Handout [PDF only]
This is a handout on how to perform Gauss Jordan elimination using pivoting. Pivoting is a technique that we will also use for the simplex method.