Minitab Notes for Activity 5

Creating the Worksheet (Question 6)

You will be entering your own information for this activity.

  1. Label an empty column as "average"
  2. Enter the individual averages collected from the class into the "average" column.

Summarizing the Data (Question 6)

  1. Choose Stat / Basic Statistics / Display Descriptive Statistics
  2. Double click on the variable "average"
  3. Click on Statistics and check the boxes you need: mean, variance, and standard deviation
  4. Click OK

Histogram (Question 7)

  1. Choose Graph / Histogram / With Fit
  2. The Graph Variable is "average"
  3. Click OK

Normal Probability Plot (Question 8)

  1. Choose Graph / Probability Plot / Single
  2. The Graph Variable is "average"
  3. Click OK