Math 160 - Finite Mathematics

Calendar of Events
Schedule of exams. Study guides for exams can be found here.
Course Syllabus [PDF]
Online version of course syllabus.
Homework Assignments [PDF]
Per section listing of homework assignments.
Projects [PDF]
Group projects that require you to extend your understanding beyond the basic level of the textbook. There are worksheets available to help with some of the projects. Choose the Projects link and then scroll down to the appropriate section.
Check your Grades
You can check your progress throughout the semester and keep track of your progress in the course. You will need your student ID number and your student email password to access this.
Mathematical Notation [PDF only]
This series of assignments is to use a word processor to create a document containing formulas. Instructions and demonstration videos on how to use the Equation Editor are available.
Grade Sheet [PDF]
Keep track of your scores.
TI-82 Usage Notes
Some instructions on using the TI-82 or TI-83 calculator.
Complete Calendar
This is a complete calendar if calendar format, but requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.
Decision Theory [PDF]
This is a handout on decision theory. Only expected value decision theory is covered in the text, so this is to supplement that.
Pivot Handout [PDF only]
This is a handout on how to perform Gauss Jordan elimination using pivoting. Pivoting is a technique that we will also use for the simplex method.