Peer Evaluations

This is the only part of the project that is not a group grade. Your score will be a combination of the scores given you by each member of the group and the instructor's evaluation of your evaluation.

Turn in a summary paragraph of what each person in the group (including yourself) did and how many points out of ten you would give them for their effort. Be sure to put your name, section number, and what the assignment is at the top of the sheet. These evaluations should be typed up individually and emailed to the instructor. The other students in the group will not see what you wrote about them, just the average score they got from all of the students.

You need to evaluate everyone in the group including yourself. If you're the only person in the group and did all of the work, you still need to evaluate yourself or you'll miss out on the participation grade.

When the instructor grades your evaluation, he is looking for things like the quantity and quality of material written about each person, whether the evaluation was submitted on time, whether the instructions were followed, etc.

You do not have to send this as an attachment, you can type it in the main body of the email.

Sample Evaluations

Good Evaluation - 10 points

Assuming this evaluation was submitted on time, it would be worth 10 points.

Bob Smith
Math 113 - 01
Introductory Project - Peer Evaluation

Bob Smith - 10 points
I was there on time for every meeting that we had. I collected the data about the normal temperatures and read them to Alex to enter into Minitab. I helped figure out the pie charts and provided the interpretations of the hypothesis tests.
Joanna Brown - 8 points
Joanna missed the second class period, but she was helpful the rest of the time. She even downloaded the 30 day demo of Minitab so she could work on this at her house. She gathered the temperatures from the website and read them to Alex to enter. She completed the descriptive statistics section and found some typing errors in the document.
Alexander Gazantelope - 3 points
Alex was only there one day. He was really cocky and a know it all, but he messed up the hypothesis tests and I had to go back and redo them. He did type in all of the information that Joanna and I gathered.

Poor Evaluation - 7 points

Assuming this evaluation was submitted on time, it would be worth about 7 points.

Joanna Brown

Bob Smith - 10 points
Bob and I did all the work.
Joanna Brown - 10 points
Bob and I did all the work.
Alex - 8 points
Alex is hot!

Bad Evaluation - 4 points

Assuming this evaluation was submitted on time, it would be worth about 4 points.

Alexander Gazantelope

Bob - 10 points
Joanna - 10 points
Alex - 10 points

Determining the Grade

Your grade will be the average of the scores that each team member gives you and the instructor's evaluation (see above) of your evaluation.

Name Bob Joanna Alex Jones Score
Bob Smith 10 10 10 10 10
Joanna Brown 8 10 10 7 9
Alexander Gazantelope 3 8 10 4 6

If the evaluations above were submitted, then Bob would get 10 points, Joanna would get 9 points, and Alex would get 6 points for this part of the assignment.