Chapter 4: Study Guide

  1. Find the rate for a simple interest problem.
  2. Find the rate of return for a stock market problem.
  3. Find the future value of a compound interest problem.
  4. Find the time for a compound interest problem.
  5. Find the future value using both simple interest and compound interest.
  6. Find the effective rate (2 parts).
  7. Find the future value of an ordinary annuity.
  8. Find the regular deposit required to have a certain future value.
  9. Find the time necessary to achieve a certain future value.
  10. Find the payment for a present value annuity. Find the total interest paid.
  11. Find the present value in a present value annuity. Find the total amount paid.
  12. Find the rate in a present value annuity.
  13. Find the remaining balance of a present value annuity.
  14. Retirement problem. Find the amount necessary to retirement, and the amount that must be saved each month to achieve that amount.
  15. Find the amount that must be in an interest paying account to earn a certain amount of interest during a fixed time period. This cannot be done directly using the finance program. Big hint - work with effective rates.
  16. Find the time for a present value problem.

The working of this exam requires you know how to use the finance program on the TI-82 graphing calculator. You will not have time to work these problems out by hand. There is not room on the test for you to work them out by hand. You may want to identify the values you are putting into the calculator -- that way, the instructor can know how much partial credit to give. If there is just a wrong answer, no partial credit can be given.

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