Chapter 5: Study Guide

  1. Solve a 2x2 system of linear equations. Look at problems 41 - 46 in section 5.1*.
  2. Leontief Input-Output Model. Look at problems 17 - 22 in section 5.8*.
  3. Work a problem using an incidence matrix. Similar to the air freight problems 47 - 49 in section 5.5. Six parts.
  4. Traffic Flow. Look at problems 67 - 68 in section 5.3. Four parts.
  5. Solve a system of linear equations. Look at problems 37 - 42 in section 5.7*.
  6. List the three elementary row operations.
  7. List the four requirements of being in reduced row-echelon form.
  8. Add two matrices.
  9. Multiply a scalar and a matrix.
  10. Multiply two matrices.
  11. Find the inverse of a 2x2 matrix.
  12. Find the inverse of a 5x5 blocked matrix.
  13. Find the transpose of a matrix.
  14. Find the determinant of a matrix.
  15. Raise a matrix to a power.
  16. Multiply a matrix by the inverse of the matrix.
  17. Solve a matrix equation for X. Three parts.
  18. True or False. Seven questions about properties of matrices. At least reading through the properties on the project before the exam will be greatly beneficial.

Problems with a * are directly from the text.

You may work this exam in groups of up to size three. The first 40 minutes of the exam will be individually worked. Then, you may get together for the last 20 minutes. Work as many of the problems as you can, productivity goes down when you start arguing answers.

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